Hey there. This site includes my CV and professional portfolio with samples from a 15+ year career in high-tech product marketing & corporate communications as well as a few personal pet projects.

There's no dedicated photography section, but I've taken all the banner photos on this site – most of them with iPhones (4, 5 and now 6S).


I've created a wide range of marketing collateral and sales tools over the years – product data sheets, flyers, brochures, case studies, product videos and more. I've collected a few samples here.

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Photo Credit: ms.akr

Photo Credit: ms.akr

I use Photoshop more or less every day – the tasks range from simple cropping or resizing of images for corporate presentations and basic product photo touch-ups, to more complex layered jobs. I've collected a few workflow examples here.

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I used to work as a bar pianist in university and I now play keyboard/piano in a cover band. Last year I visited The ABBA Museum in Stockholm and played a few tunes on the public piano in the Museum entrance. Good times. 

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